About St. Johnís United Church of Christ

In 1856 a group of German immigrants who had settled in Wheeling Township established the first German Evangelical Church to be founded in the state of Minnesota.  The roots of their (and our) Evangelical heritage can be traced back to the Protestant Reformation and the works of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli.

We are a welcoming church family with a variety of backgrounds.  We respect our traditions and our past while we embrace the future.

We believe that the pilgrimage of faith is both an individual and a communal experience and that the growth of each is interrelated and dependent upon the other.


About the UCC

The United Church of Christ is a non-hierarchical, progressive denomination committed to the unity of all Christians.  With a rich history tying faith to social justice, the UCC continues to challenge its members to explore cutting edge theology and service to the world.  For more information about the UCC, visit: